Outsourcing Inc is a leading provider of HR Outsourcing Services.

The company was established in January 1997, is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange with over 38,000 employees across 13 countries. The primary services which the company provide include Temporary and Permanent staffing, Engineering Outsourcing Services, Manufacturing Outsourcing Services, and Payroll and related HR business Processes.

The Company’s model’s calls for the integration of OUTSOURCING's business resources with those of the client in the aim of creating and enhancing corporate value. Outsourcing Inc offer specialized knowhow related to labour administration, recruitment and training of personnel, and PEO* services and resulting synergy creates a mutually beneficial effect. In the process, we work with every client to establish specific targets of improvement, and by sharing the results, develop a win-win relationship.

The end result is that we maximize the client's corporate value.

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OS HRS is a pioneer in the HR BPO industry in Asia where we have been providing outsourced HR services across Asia Pacific region for Fortune 500 clients and large conglomerate for more than 15 years. We are currently processing over 100,000 payslips per month supporting 18 countries from our three operating centres in Malaysia, Japan and India. The primary industries which we support include Technology, Automotive and Financial Services sectors. In April 2016, OS HRS became a subsidiary of the Outsourcing Group.

RM 13.9 Billion

(as end of 2014)


36 %

revenue growth in the
year 2014 over 2013



(as end of 2014)


76, 989

value-add job created by
MSCGBS companies (as end of 2014)


Uniquely Positioned

Malaysia possesses some essential characteristics that make it unique and strategically relevant to become an important GBS hub to organisations aiming to incorporate GBS as a part of their business costs rationalisation.

  • Positive Business Environment
  • Government Support (EPP)
  • Location Advantage
  • Political Stability
  • Excellent Physical Infrastructure and Utilities
  • IP Protection
  • Multilingual Competencies
  • Attractive Tax Rates
  • High-Speed Broadband
  • Talent Pool
World Bank


Easy on Doing Business (2015)

Global Services Location Index


11 years in a row (2004 - 2015)
AT Kearney

Global Competitiveness Index (2014)


(6 in APAC/20 in the world)
World Economic Forum

Frost & Sullivan Case Study Series

Simplifying Payroll Management with Market-Leading Outsourcing Solutions

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