“I am VJ Hipolito, a Payroll Manager for one of the largest payroll teams in our company. I started out my career with OS HRS, as a payroll analyst and worked my way up the ladder in a short span of time.  Our team is constantly focused on growth and development and most importantly on delivering exceptional service to our clients."

VJ Hipolito
Payroll Manager


"I am a Consultant specializing in Payroll Statutory Compliance. I mainly work with Operation Teams and Functional Teams. My primary goal is to support the company to provide the high quality payroll services in compliance with applicable law and regulations by helping Operation Teams to gain the basic statutory knowledge and guiding them to solve the payroll processing issues in accordance with the law and regulations time to time."

Ellen Liu
SCU Manager



"Currently I am holding Payroll Operation Manager position, in charge of managing payroll services for APAC countries with more than 20,000 payroll transactions.

My primary goal is to build a CHAMPION team whereby we deliver an exceptional payroll services with high level of payroll accuracy and timeliness to our client.

We focus on building a strong competence service - oriented team to support our client with day to day operation. The satisfactory of client is the measure of our success."

Le Cao Thanh
Payroll Manager

"Join my team as Helpdesk Analyst. We are specializing in providing solution to our client queries professionally for first time and every time"

Kamsiah Ahmad
CRM Manager


“OS HRS hires only the best people and I enjoy working with a fantastic group of co-workers. We have a lot of fun, but when senior management sets a goal, we always hit it.
The staff is always supportive, and the senior management is highly accessible”
Basim Amin
ESS Developer